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Meeting a new stylist can be a bit nerve-racking. We hope to ease your worry by providing you with what to expect when you visit us at the salon.

Your time with us starts the minute you walk through the door where you will be greeting by a friendly face, usually Kim, our salon coordinator. We want you to be comfortable while you are waiting for your appointment to start so

we have light refreshments available that you can enjoy while noticing the incredible view of Pensacola Bay. We will happily give you a tour of our beautiful salon so that you can see ALL that we have to offer. Your stylist will meet with you and walk you through a thorough consultation process. We will plan out, not just the first visit, but a long term plan to ensure all of your goals are met.

If you're here for color, a formula will be custom created for you and recorded in our computerized database so that we always know where we've been which helps us to know where to go with your future visits. Your service will be completely customized to you based on your face shape, lifestyle and overall goals. Tips and tricks are always shared with each appointment.

We'll wrap up your visit by by setting up your next appointment and by sharing recommendations for at home care so you know how

to protect your investment. Help us to get to know you and your goals better by filling out our New Guest Virtual Consultation.

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