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IBE After Care Guide

Insure the success of your IBE hair extension install. Use professional products recommended for you by your stylist and follow the guidelines below. Video links are attached for your convenience.

Brushing Hair


Click image for video

-Properly brush twice a day

-Hold the weft line with one hand while gently brushing just below working from the ends up

-DO NOT brush aggressively over the top of the weft

-Be sure to thoroughly brush each row and in between rows to avoid any matting.

-Brushing the very top of the wefts will quickly ruin the hand tied stitching.

Wet Hair
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Washing 1-2x per week

-Brush out any tangles before starting the wash

-Clip up hair above your row to isolate

-Gently wash the top and bottom of row and then wash the scalp. Rinse then repeat on the next row if applicable

-Condition midshaft & ends

-Dry shampoo will help for in between wash days

Hair Braiding
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-Using low or less heat & proper brushing will help the longevity of your extensions.

-Apply oil to your extensions prior to blowdrying and a few times throughout the day.

-Blowdry in a downward motion on medium heat focusing on getting the top of the wefts dry to avoild shedding and overall breakdown of the handtied wefts. The hair itself can be airdried.

-Keeping hair in a low loose ponytail or braid at night will help keep tangles at bay. Use of a silk pillowcase will also help. DO NOT go to bed with wet hair.

-Always use heat protection. Extension hair is real hair. Treat it like your own or... treat it better.

Blond Wavy Hair
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-Always prep hair with a mixture of water/conditioner and braid the hair tightly or put in a tight bun before enjoying any water activities. Rinse immediately afterwards.

-Beware of the sunscreen you use! Many contain an ingredient known as "Avobenzone". This creates a chemical reaction with the textile dyes when it comes in contact with extension hair, especially blondes! Opt for a mineral sunscreen.



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-Use high quality hair products. Follow the recommendation of your stylist. Hair extensions is an investment. Protect your investment.

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